The mission of Rig Angel is to provide expert support services to the upstream oil and gas sector, in a professional manner which has a positive impact on the industry.

Our vision is to have a name synonymous with professionalism.  We will work in all major E&P zones in the U.S. and eventually in select zones abroad.  Our growth in spite of the 2015-2016 petroleum economy is accredited to being rooted in a quality system that is auditable to the API Q2 (service) standard, and in the fundamental tenets of our Code of Business Conduct.

Rig Angel aspires to become renowned by hiring, developing, and retaining the best technical response team in the world, capable of providing superior service in both the physical and administrative aspects of technical support.  Each employee that arrives on site to conduct business is qualified to work on the specific equipment at hand, and is also a minimally certified card-carrier of OSHA, Red Cross / AHA, IADC RigPass, and Primary Well Control.  Our employees are also instructors and innovators--well-equipped, well paid, and continuously trained--and ambassadors of the brands and companies which we represent (please visit our
AngelTeam Network page).

When the industry rebounds, Rig Angel intends to bridge the gap between the United States and Mexico in terms of industry support.  We will consider our company to have achieved pinnacle success in this area when our employees in both regions have become fully interoperable--having equal pay, benefits, training, and global employment opportunities to the greatest extent afforded by law.